How it began…


One day in 2011, two of my deaf students had expressed their desire to share and vocally communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ with hearing people. They shared their frustration with me about not being able to witness to hearing people. They left “impossible situation” in my hands. I prayed to God about their situation.

In spring 2012, God had clearly called me to make the tracts with the audio device. I was so shocked and overwhelmed by what God called me to do for Him. God gave me the “possible solution” and gave me further instructions to plan all various tracts according to His plans. It is exciting, challenging and hard work. Our Lord Jesus Christ is absolutely worthy of my services!

Our vision is to reach out in the world and to tell everyone about God’s gift of eternal life and peace found in His Son, Jesus. We want to create Gospel tracts with simple reading, illustration and listening to audio device. Also, to use Bible scriptures in easier translation in 240 languages for everyone able to read. We ask you to pray for us able to glorify God and Lord Jesus to reach out to everyone about God’s love.

Felice Montijo-Thornberry
CEO & Founder of God’s Glory International Tracts®